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Requests received after June 1st will be filled in the order in which they are received.

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Terms of Use:

I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the student listed above, who is registered in the non-public school indicated above.

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I understand and agree that by electronically signing and submitting this record, application is hereby made for the loan of textbook materials from the Capital Region BOCES. I accept the judgment of the school district or their designated representative regarding the eligibility of individual materials for loan. I understand that all books are to be maintained in good condition, and that if damaged or lost, the book(s) will be replaced at my expense. I also understand that the books must be returned to the school district or any official designated as the custodian thereof upon request. If my child should transfer to another school, the books will be returned to the school district or I will make arrangements with Capital Region BOCES for their return.

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